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Cavoodle puppies for sale Melbourne

Are you looking for Cavoodle puppies for sale Melbourne? Do you know how it looks like? If not, then here is a description. Cavoodle is basically a hybrid puppy breed developed by crossing Spaniel Cavalier King Charles with a Poodle. Both the parents are pure breed and so the result is a wonderful and a cute puppy dog. One of the distinctive characteristics of Cavoodle is that it has a luxurious coat with feathered or curly texture. It has a shorter body but is very strong. The facial features are generally dark and is brown in color. The ears hang low near the chin but are set away from the eyes. It has a long neckand a straight back. Also it has a long tail that hangs freely.

So, if you are in search of Cavoodle puppies for sale Melbourne then you need to first understand its behavior. With reference to its temperament Cavoodle puppies are generally of gentle nature. Most of the types are sociable and easy going. It is also a playful breed and so enjoys playing with children. In addition, it has the general characteristics of a dog, which is, attempting to protect family members. It has a lot of patience but craves for special treatment and attention.

Moreover, since it has a thick coat you need to groom them frequently. If they have poodle like coats then you need to brush them and trim them. Further, these puppies are not very tall and generally their height ranges from 28 cm to 35 cm. This is the reason why they are suitable for all ages and lifestyle. Most people today have realized that Cavoodle is the best puppy that you can have at home. It can fit in any type of home, as it does not need much space. Also they are an intelligent animal and loves human companionship. They have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years and do not need much exercise. Just a walk daily is enough exercise for them. Therefore, if you want a puppy with less fuss then find Cavoodle puppies for sale Melbourne.

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